PS3 Repair

Non Sony authorized PS3 Repair - Please read our disclaimer!

This section covers PS3 repair that will require the console to be opened and therefor, void the warranty. SEMPERTHREE highly recommends that any repairs to your PS3, should be made directly by Sony, if your console is still under warranty or you can afford the fee to have your console repaired when it is out of warranty. Sony is the only authorized repair service and will guarantee their work.

SEMPERTHREE recommends that all users who plan on attempting to repair there own consoles at least be familiar with the building and/or repair of a PC before attempting these repairs.

For those who's console is out of warranty and can not afford to, or do not wish to pay Sony's repair fee, we have compiled guides and info. for such repairs as blu-ray drives, cooling fans, power supplies, and on/off switches as well as many other repair issues that you may be facing.



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