Laser Selection Guide

The Laser Selection Guide will help you in choosing the correct replacement laser and/or full laser assembly for your console. It is very important to know which replacement laser you need so as to avoid purchasing the wrong unit or installing the wrong unit and causing damage to your console.

While SEMPERTHREE has not run across any exceptions to this guide, the optimum way to identify the proper laser for your console is to open the console and do a visual inspection of the laser assembly itself.

If you have a choice, SEMPERTHREE recommends buying the entire assembly(deck) for your replacement. The reasons for this are easier installation and less alignment issues.

ps3 laser replacement guide

At this time, SEMPERTHREE is not recommending any particular companies to purchase replacement lasers. The one thing we will recommend is to be very leary of buying lasers off of eBay. We have run into lots of people who have gotten non-functional lasers and could not get them returned or their money back without a lot of hassle.