Sony BD Remote Control

The Sony BD remote control is a great addition to your PS3, especially if you are a movie buff and like using the extra features on your Blurays and DVDs. It can also control XMB navigation when your controllers are charging or out of reach.

General Overview

Sony BD Remote

The BD remote has all the features you would expect from a quality standalone Bluray remote control, plus it has all the functionality of a PS3 controller except for the analog sticks.

Being a bluetooth device the BD remote has great range and doesn't have to be pointed directly at the PS3 to work. Connecting the remote to the PS3 is quick and painless, through the XMB Accessory Settings tab > Register BD Remote Control tab.

Being able to press normal buttons for movies such as, play, scan, stop, etc., plus, getting functions like subtitle, angle, menu and more, really is a better, easier way to control your movies. It is also easier to use for the people in your household that aren't familiar with video game controllers.

The layout of the remote is pretty good except, I would have preffered the number keys to be at the bottom of the remote instead of the top. Another couple of small faults I find are the lack of backlighting and I would prefer the menu keys to be a little larger.


As much as I like my BD remote, I can honestly tell you that the BD remote is not a necessary accessory for your PS3. All functions of the PS3 can be accessed using a DualShock 3 or SixAxis controller, and many people will be perfectly happy without one.

That said, I highly recommend the Sony BD Remote Control as an exellent accessory for all movie lovers and non-gamers out there.


  • Easy to Use - Great for Non-Gamers
  • Uses Bluetooth Technology for Great Range
  • Offers Complete Functionality for Bluray, DVD and CD
  • PS3 Controller Functionality - Minus the Analog Sticks
  • MSRP: $24.99 USD