PS3 CECH-25 Models

160GB Model A & 320GB Model B - PS3 'SLIM' CONSOLES

CECH-25xxA - Model A 160gb - console in Japan
CECH-25xxB - Model B 320gb - console in Japan


For the first time, the PS3 CECH-25 models add a new color to the PS3 console line. White will be the new choice available, along with the standard black.

The new white consoles are being released in Japan on July 29th and will be available with larger 160gb and 320gb hard drives. These new consoles will replace the 120gb and 250gb slim models and will also be available in the standard black. All other functionality remains the same as the previous CECH-21 models of the PS3.

As is usually the case, these PS3 Slim models will only be made available in Japan on the release date. At this time, there is no information about a North American or European release, but, it would be hard to believe that these new models would not make their way to the rest of the gaming world.


  • Available in White or Black

  • CHIPSET - 45nm cell / 40nm RSX

  • POWER CONSUMPTION - 100 Watts Avg. / 250 Watts Max.

  • USB - Two front-mounted USB 2.0 compatible ports

  • WIFI - Built-in B/G Wireless Networking Compatibility

  • CONTROLLER - Matching Color DualShock3

  • ENHANCED FEATURES – Extra control features available when connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia HDTVs

  • RELEASE: July 2010

  • MSRP: 160GB Model A - �29,980 (USD$340)

  • MSRP: 320GB Model B - �34,980 (USD$400)


  • All first-party Sony PS3 accessories work with the 'slim' models, though they no longer use the large-style AC cables of the originals.