PS3 CECH-21 Models

120GB Model A & 250GB Model B - PS3 'SLIM' CONSOLES

CECH-21xxA - Model A 120gb
CECH-21xxB - Model B 250gb

Both Models available - Japan, North America, U.K./Ireland, Europe/Middle East/Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong


The PS3 CECH-21 models follow on the heals of the original PS3 'Slim', or “2000” series of PS3 hardware that was introduced in September of 2009. The PS3 Slim models have had great success, and have provided a huge increase in sales of PS3s for Sony. These two models are the 2nd generation of the PS3 Slim hardware and are reported to be the first PS3s that are not being sold at a loss.

The big change for the CECH-21 models, from the CECH-20 models, is the reduction in size of the RSX GPU. The chip has been reduced from 65nm to 40nm. Beyond that, there are no serious changes to the rest of the console.

As with the CECH-20 series, the CECH-21 series also consumes almost 50% less electricity than the original CECHA “60gb” in the same operations. All other functions are the same as the CECH-20 series.


  • CHIPSET - 45nm cell / 40nm RSX

  • POWER CONSUMPTION - 100 Watts Avg. / 250 Watts Max.

  • USB - Two front-mounted USB 2.0 compatible ports

  • WIFI - Built-in B/G Wireless Networking Compatibility

  • CONTROLLER - DualShock3

  • ENHANCED FEATURES – Extra control features available when connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia HDTVs

  • RELEASE: March 2010

  • MSRP: 120GB Model A $299.99 USD

  • MSRP: 250GB Model B $349.99 USD


  • All first-party Sony PS3 accessories work with the 'slim' models, though they no longer use the large-style AC cables of the originals.