Sony's PlayStation Move

motion controller


Sony released the pricing and launch dates for the PlayStation Move at E3 today, June 15, 2010. The Move will run $49.99US for the controller only or, a bundle including the PlayStation Eye and the game Sports Champions will run $99.99US. The navigation controller will only be sold seperately for $29.99US.

There is also a console bundle coming out that will include a PS3 Slim with 250gb harddrive and the Move bundle for $399.99US. Unfortunately even this console bundle will not include the navigation controller.

On the plus side, first party Move titles will run $39.99US, not your typical $59.99 for most PS3 titles. Sony also reported that they should have between 15-20 titles ready at launch. Hopefully the titles released will be high quality to get this new technology off to a good start.

Launch Dates

Europe actually gets something first this time, if only by a few days. Europe will see the Move on September 15, 2010, North America on September 19, 2010 and Japan will get their Move, on October 21, 2010.

Other thoughts

I have never been a proponent of motion controls but, this does seem to give me the answer for not having to buy my 4 year old a Wii. I hope the games are good and we don't see so much shovel ware for the Move as is the case for the Wii. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind about motion controls when I get my hands on a Move. I do know that I will be buying one for my kid and that I will definately give it a chance.