CECHExx - 80GB PS3 [ BC ]


CECHExx - Model E - console in North America, South Korea, Singapore/Malasia, Mexico and Hong Kong.


This 80gb PS3 was the last console to have any PS2 backwards compatibility and a card reader. It was also the first PS3 to be bundled with a game.

Just like the PAL territories' original "60gb" system, this new version of the PS3 hardware did not have full PS2 compatibility. Like the PAL CECHC, it had partial compatibility via a combination of the PS2's "Graphics Synthesizer" GPU and software-driven emulation. The lack of the PS2's original "Emotion Engine" CPU limited PS2 compatibility to less than 90% of the system's library. This model commonly shipped bundled with Motorstorm or Metal Gear Solid 4.


  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE - Partial backwards compatibility acheived through use of PS2 Graphics Synthesizer GPU and software.

  • CHIPSET - 90nm Cell / 90nm RSX

  • POWER CONSUMPTION - 200 Watts Avg. / 380 Watts Max.

  • MEMORY CARD ACCESS - The CECHE has a bay of memory card slots, supporting Sony Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, SD, Mini-SD, and Compact Flash

  • USB - The front of the CECHE console has four USB 2.0 compatible ports.

  • WIFI - Built-in B/G Wireless Networking Compability

  • CONTROLLER - SixAxis wireless
  • RELEASE: August 2007 (North America)



  • Full retail copy of Motorstorm included with early retail packages of this model

  • Model brought back into production to be bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, then discontinued permanently

  • Replaced the discontinued CECHA "60gb" model

  • Co-existed at retail with the 40gb series of PS3s, but both were replaced by the non-backwards-compatible 80gb models afterward