CECHAxx - 60GB PS3


CECHAxx - Model A - console in Japan, North America, Singapore/Malasia and Taiwan.


The CECHAxx 60gb PS3 is the original Playstation 3, as launched in Japan and North America. One of only two models with 100% PS2 compatibility, this model was more full-featured than most of the ones that came after it.

The CECHAxx 60gb Playstation 3 had both the PS2 "Emotion Engine" CPU and "Graphics Synthesizer" GPU. Later models had the Emotion Engine removed to cut costs which, reduced PS2 compatibility. All current consoles have the Graphics Synthesizer removed as well, taking all PS2 compatibility with it.

With the inclusion of %100 backwards compatibility, a memory card reader and 4 USB ports versus only 2 on the current models, the CECHAxx 60gb Playstation 3 is considered by many to be the best PS3 console to have ever been available.


  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE - %100 backwards compatibility supported through use of PS2 CPU and GPU.

  • CHIPSET - 90nm Cell / 90nm RSX

  • POWER CONSUMPTION - 200 Watts Avg. / 380 Watts Max.

  • MEMORY CARD READER BAY - Supporting the Memory Stick Duo, SD card, Mini-SD, and Compact Flash

  • USB - Four USB 2.0 compatible ports

  • WIFI - Built-in B/G Wireless Networking

  • CONTROLLER - SixAxis wireless

  • RELEASE: November 10 2006 (Japan,) November 17 2006 (North America)



  • Launch console, no games/software typically included.

  • Its sister console, the CECHB 20gb was discontinued in early 2007 in favour of this one, which was produced until the release of the CECHE 80gb that summer.