CECHJxx - 40GB PS3


CECHJxx - Model J - console in Japan, Australia / New Zealand, U.K. / Ireland and Europe / Middle East / Africa.


The CECHJ 40gb PS3 shares the internal design of the CECHH, using a much smaller circuit board, a different hdd layout and new heat sink as compared to earlier PS3 consoles. The CECHJ also changed to a new blu-ray laser assembley and a 65nm RSX chip versus the old 90nm chip, again reducing the power consuption and operating temperature of the console.

The feature set of the CECHH is identical to the CECHG and CECHH models, except for power consumption and operating temperature, and was the last of the "40gb" PS3's produced. All of the 40gb units gave way to the 80gb non-backwards compatible PS3's.


  • CHIPSET - 65nm Cell / 65nm RSX

  • POWER CONSUPTION - 130 Watts Avg. / 280 Watts Max.

  • USB - Two front-mounted USB 2.0 compatible ports.

  • WIFI - Built-in B/G Wireless Networking Compability

  • CONTROLLER - SixAxis wireless

  • RELEASE:  August 2008


  • First model to use a blu-ray laser assembly with two eyes

  • First model to use 65nm chips for the Cell and RSX